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Aniekin Hair Dryer Review

Last updated on Apr 27, 2023   1 min read
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Aniekin Hair Dryer

Aniekin Hair Dryer

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Why buy the Aniekin Hair Dryer?

  • Weight : 750 g
  • Has Ionic Technology
  • Hair Type : Long,Short,Curly & Straight .

A summary review of Aniekin Hair Dryer

Category Features Aniekin Hair Dryer
DESIGN weight 750g
size 10.59 x 6.35 x 3.58 inches
has a cool shot button
has a removable filter
attachment concentrator & diffuser
is cordless
power cord length 5ft
has ceramic tourmaline air grill
PERFORMANCE has ionic technology
heat settings 2 only
speed settings
wattage 1875watts
supported voltage 110 -125 / 220 - 240volts
has dc motor
has ac motor
has aeroprecis technology
has tourmaline technology
has ceramic technology
has titanium technology
noise level
OTHER DETAILS hair type Long,Short,Curly & Straight
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